Barcelona joined workshop

On April 27 and 28 G.P. Gobbi and F. Barnaba participated in a joined Workshop networking four LIFE Projects aimed at the characterization of Mediterranean aerosols (AIRUSE, DIAPASON, MED-PARTICLES and ACEPT-AIR). The workshop was held at the Spanish CSIC in Barcelona and was organized by X. Querol, coordinator of Air Use.

The Barcelona workshop addressed "Quantitative methods for evaluating daily contributions of African dust to ambient PMx levels over Europe during dust outbrakes".

A variety of results have been presented and thoroughly discussed during the two-day event. Main outcomes of Diapason have been presented and acknowledged. All presentations will be posted soon on the Projects' web sites.

A document containing recommendations to policy-makers for the update of the EC guidelines in the field of assessment of Saharan contribution to PMx loads in Europe is under preparation.

All presentations are available here.