Diapason Final Conference

The Final Conference of the Diapason Project has been held in Rome on June 19, 2015. 

In the afternoon of June 18, a Training course on dust assessment methods has been organized for interested Stakeholders. 

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PPT Presentations of the meeting:

G.P. Gobbi, CNR-ISAC - Opening remarks

C. Leonardi, Italian Ministry of Environment - EU Air Quality Legislation Status & Perspectives

F. Forastiere, DEP-Lazio - Particulate Matter and Health: What we learned and what we need

X. Querol, CSIC - PM Observations: Tools and needs

G. Zanini, ENEA - Use and Future of PM Forecasting Tools 

G.P. Gobbi, CNR-ISAC - DIAPASON Methods and Outcomes 

Di Menno, ISPRA - The ISPRA Experience at implementing EC Guidelines

Lucarelli, INFN - New Methodologies in PM analysis

F. Barnaba, CNR-ISAC - DIAPASON Methodology: comparison with current EU Guidelines and proposed improvements

L. Di Liberto, CNR-ISAC - DIAPASON Tools for Stakeholders: PLCs

A. Bolignano, ARPA Lazio - DIAPASON Tools: Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs)  


Posters shown during the meeting:

- "Contribution of water to atmospheric PM during duststorms" - C. Perrino, S. Canepari;

- "Ceilometer measurements at an Alpine station (Aosta, Italy): first results and new perspectives on pollution dynamics" - T. Magri, H. DiĆ©moz, G.P. Gobbi, L. Di Liberto;

- "Biodiversity and Chemical Speciation of Desert Dust recorded at M. Martano site (Central Italy) in 2014" - D. Cappelletti, S. Castellini, S.Crocchianti, G. Cenci, E. Federici, A. Franzetti, E. Montalbani, B. Moroni, C. Petroselli, B. Sebastiani, R. Selvaggi;


 Pictures of the event are available in the Media Gallery.

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Diapason Final Conference Press release (ITA language)

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